Weight Stigma Awareness Week is here!

September 22 - 26 is Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW), a week-long awareness campaign devoted to promote education and action around weight stigma and its effects on health, eating behaviors and overall well-being in schools, healthcare and employment settings, and amongst individuals, family and friends. 


This year's WSAW theme is Tools That Build Conversations: Initiating the Weight Stigma Talk.

Here is WSAW's call-to-action so that you can help make a difference in reducing weight stigma:

  • Have an upcoming doctor's appointment? Take a copy of the Physicians and Healthcare Professionals Toolkit to your doctor's office for the staff. Take along the accompanying Individuals Toolkit and leave a few in the lobby, if allowed.

  • Are you visiting a nutrition professional?  Start your conversation by taking one of the Nutrition Counseling Toolkits with you to see what insight your dietary support person has regarding the content.

  • Do you go to a recreational club or a gym for an exercise class?  There’s likely a bulletin board or other community area to share information, so share a copy of the Fitness Professionals Toolkit for Individuals. You can also provide the instructors or other staff a copy of the Toolkit for Fitness Professionals.

  • Do you or your child participate in sports and group activities?  You can print a copy of the Schools and Kids Programs Toolkits and sit down with that program leader to discuss their interaction with the kids and community.  You can do the same with school leaders and teachers.

  • Do you see a mental health professional or know someone who does? Having a printout can make it easier to address issues like weight bias and weight stigma in a counseling setting.  You can provide a mental health professionals with copies of the Psychotherapy Toolkits for Professionals and individuals, friends, and family with the Individual toolkit.

No matter where you go, you can help prevent weight bias and weight stigma and you can use these tools because, as this year’s tagline says, they are the Tools That Build Conversations!

Begin a conversation today!

Read more about how you can get involved in WSAW here.

- Chelsea

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