Get Ready! Weight Stigma Awareness Week Challenge

September 22 - 26 is Weight Stigma Awareness Week (WSAW), a week-long awareness campaign devoted to promote education and action around weight stigma and its effects on health, eating behaviors and overall well-being in schools, healthcare and employment settings, and amongst individuals, family and friends. 

WSAW has two primary goals: 1) Increase awareness of the pervasiveness and destructive nature of weight stigma, and 2) To provide effective strategies for combating weight stigma.

This year's WSAW theme is Tools That Build Conversations: Initiating the Weight Stigma Talk.

I'm challenging YOU to participate in this year's WSAW and spread awareness. Here's how you can participate:

  • Join the WSAW Facebook event page. You can learn more about weight stigma and WSAW week, share status updates, and even invite friends to join the cause.



  • Like BEDA and on Facebook. You can learn more about WSAW and share status updates and memes to help spread accurate information and awareness.


  • Follow the movement on twitter via #WSAW2014. Tweet, RT, and favorite at #WSAW2014.  You can follow me on twitter @CFJCounseling.


  • Get creative on Pinterest. Pin WSAW memes or get creative and pin original pics that reduce weight stigma; don't forget to use #WSAW2014. You can follow me on pinterest @CFJCounseling. I have an entire board dedicated to WSAW here.

I am excited to be contributing to WSAW again this year! I will be blogging on tools to help psychotherapists become more aware of weight stigma and help them prevent weight stigma. 

See you out in the blogosphere, twitterverse, and Pinterest... land? 


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